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In average, companies spend 35 000 €/year to set up and maintain one simple object detection pipeline.

Middle and small-sized companies struggle to benefit from AI automation solutions due to high cost and implementation effort.


AI Platform

B2B deep learning software app-platform that automates daily business tasks in 3 simple clicks.

In a world full of a complexity of interaction, we bring the power of AI to your operations and strengthen your flexibility and competitiveness. We automate your business routine with smart surveillance solutions to make you focus on strategic activities and let AI do the rest. 

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Businesses are in 3 steps from AI-powered automation…

1. Connect your devices

Auto detect the devices around you and group them in different systems.

2. Install apps

Select what you need to detect, the logic and how you want to receive the data.

3. Get insights

Interpret data like never before with intuitive, easy-to-analyse graphs.

Our unique value proposition

User friendly app

Intuitive design that allows easy management and fast implementation without prior IT skills.​

New detection solution in 1 month​

Innovative approach to creation of highly accurate detection pipeline that shortens development time from haft-year to 1 month. ​

Privacy by Design

Privacy settings integrated to the platform’s operational system by default.​


We are experts in smart surveillance!

We actively participate in various projects to create detection systems across Europe.  Using our market insights and expertise,  we develop innovative hardware devices and software pipelines.​ Our edge hardware is compatible with our AI Platform and available to lease.​

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Our customers

Distributors  have a vast network of small and medium system integrators and capacity to wholesaling our products to the desired market. ​ 

Consultants  have an advisory power on decision makers and have an opportunity to advocate for our products/services in companies.​

Large  system integrators  have various projects of different scale and help us to ensure continuous R&D and presence of our products in top locations around the globe.​


The market for smart solution is expanding twice in the next 5 years due to high demand in B2B automation and AI solutions.​


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