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Automate your business routine in 3 simple steps...

1. Connect your devices

Auto detect the NVIDIA Jetson devices around you and group them in different systems.

2. Install apps

Select what you need to detect, the logic ando how you want to recive the data.

3. Get insights

Interpret data like never before with intuitive, easy-toanalyse graphs.

Compatible with any NVIDIA Jetson devices


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How to install apps

1. Choose detection target

2. Define logic

3. Select data outcome

The combined power of Edge computing, Deep learning and Privacy by Design.

Edge computing

  • Cost effective ​

  • Easy to use in every location  

  • Respect of GDPR regulations ​

  • Real-time data

Deep learning

  • High accuracy of results​ 

  • Combined with computer vision​ 

  • Fast and smart teaching technique

Privacy by Design

We do not do facial recognition

Our faces make us unique, our cameras and apps delete everyone’s faces by default.

We protect identities

Our products do not collect information on any aspect that could lead to de identification of person: gender, skin color, nationality, religion.

We avoid harmful scenarios

We do not design applications or devices for scenarios such as warfare or hunting.

Users screening

To access our products and applications, users must create a profile and sign terms and conditions for the use of our products.

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AeyeQ has a unique combination of talents from all around the world. We hire for growth mentality, aspiration to innovate, and eternal desire to have fun.

Our Design Principles:

  • Be honest and transparent

  • Keep your inner child alive

  • Look beyond now

  • Democratise AI Solutions

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