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Many of us enjoy old and good bank robbery movies where many characters heroically save the day by catching bad guys on the scene and releasing poor hostages. Such movie scenarios seem unrealistic and Hollywood-ish, but it is a part of everyday routine for the banks around the globe. 

ATMs are the most vulnerable machines in the banks. The attackers become more inventive each year; the ATM invasions are up by 2% in 2021. The burglars use everything from the crowbar to gas bottles and other explosive devices. Those situations damage the banks’ properties, employees, and visitors because they cause health problems and injuries.

Nowadays, banks use fog deterrent systems and other techniques to disorientate and hinder criminals. These methods have to be executed on time. In many situations, traditional monitoring systems combine multiple video streams and have human supervised detection methods that prevent the timely identification of intruders.   

AI-powered safety of ATMs

AeyeQ has tackled this problem with an AI-based automated detection system of abnormal behavior and objects. The system contains deep learning software and thermal cameras that recognize posture and thus hazardous behaviors. The following object detection scenarios are possible: 

Detection of gas bottles and other suspicious objects

A smart vision system identifies dangerous objects and gives an instant signal to the control room to solve the problem and prevent a potential threat to the security and safety of the bank. With a high accuracy rate, the system distinguishes between everyday objects like water bottles or umbrellas and successfully detects explosives by utilizing thermal sensors.

Posture and behavior categorization

The detection of a pose helps to differentiate between criminally intended behavior and a non-threatening one. AeyeQ system automatically classifies the type of positions and moves. In combination with other factors such as other objects and speed of movement, smart cameras quickly evaluate the circumstances and send an immediate reaction if intervention is needed. 

Statistical data gathering

As a bonus, AeyeQ smart vision system counts the number of ATM visitors. It generates statistics on how many people entered and exited the bank and gives insights into the capacity and availability of machines throughout the day.   

AeyeQ smart surveillance system creates a strong safety and security response to dangerous situations. It gives advantages of advanced protection of bank’s property and employees with instant response to suspicious behavior.

All detections operate on the edge. It means that all calculations occur on the camera device. AI devices detect objects in real-time and send an instant response to the control room.  

Our smart vision system gives advantages: 

- Enhance higher security of banks territory
- Timely react to robberies and other intrusions
- Obtain valuable statistics
- Discourage hazardous behaviors

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