"Your only limitation

is your own imagination."

Stefaan Joos 

Our Story


Our Design Principles

Be honest and transparent

It's about being authentic and providing all the information our users want and need.

Keep your inner child alive

It's about letting creativity flow, with freedom and fun.

Look beyond now

It's about understanding the impact our products will have in the future.

Democratise AI Solutions

It's about making high complexity easy to understand.

Our Super-Team

Marco Filipic

Smart Tech Product Artist

Gilles Janssens

Smart Tech Development Coordinator

Daria Mulikova

Smart Tech Marketing Coordinator

Ricardo Santos

Smart Tech Business Developer

Matías Papalini

Smart Tech Human Centred Designer

Jan Van De Velde

Smart Tech Junior Developer

Kevin Verbeke

Smart Tech Support

Toon Van Cauwenberg

Smart Tech Integrator

Mohsin Gilani

Smart Tech Marketer

Vedat Hakan Beyaz

Smart Tech Video Artist

Kais Bedioui

Smart Tech Developer

Katrien De Saedelaere

Smart Tech Builder

Ann Perez

Smart Tech Sales Support

Stefaan Joos

CEO - Smart Tech Architect

Smart Tech Inspiration


Smart Tech Inspiration

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